2009 – Protected List

Posted: 2009/06/04 by Dannie in Offseason News
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Matt Syroczynski
Barret Ehgoetz
Mark Van Guilder
Jacob Dietrich
Mac Faulkner
Felix Petit
Justin Johnson
Jason Woll
Gerard Miller
Mike Quesnele
Matt Macdonald
Ryan Nie
Kyle Rank
Joe Ryan
Paul Lynch
Brandon Scero
Billy Irish-Baker
Conrad Martin
Mitch Woods
Sean Perkins
Martin Houle
Scott Reynolds
Jimmy Kilpatrick

I see Dannielle posted the protected list.  Not much to say here. It’s standard practice to protect every player that can be. Notably absent are the guys that were picked up when Fresno folded (Jamie Coglan, Brian O’Hanely, and Dustin Sproat). From what I understand part of the deal that brought them here was that the Cyclones would not protect them. This doesn’t mean they won’t be back, it just makes it easier for them to play elsewhere should they chose to. Given the circumstances that brought them here, it was the fair thing to do…



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