More on the qualifying offers….

Posted: 2009/07/01 by Mike in Offseason News
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Since Dannielle beat me to posting the news (she’s a quick at stuff like that) I thought I’d expand on it a bit….

Jason Woll – I really like this guy when he was brought in late in the 08-09 season. He finished the regular season +7 and went +2 in the playoffs. He was not a huge scoring threat but he was intense, works hard and brought a level of physicality to the defense. I’m looking forward to seeing him back.

Mark Van GuilderHow can you not qualify a 70 point guy? Sure he  slumped slightly towards the end of the year but he was instrumental in the Cyclones achieving all that they did last season. Mark spent time in the AHL last season and the question that begs to be asked is; will Mark even end up in a Cincinnati Sweater in the upcomming season? I would think that 70 points in a rookie campaign would be enough to get at least a look from someone at the AHL level. At least we know we won’t have to play against him.

Felix PetitI was excited when I learned the Felix was going to join the squad last season. His footwork and puck skills remind me of a little guy by the name of David Desharnais. Felix put up numbers in Juniors very similar to those of Desharnais and time will tell if he transitions to the professional ranks the way David did.

Matt SyroczynskiI’ll be the first to admit that I spent a lot of time throwing Matt under the bus last season, but when I heard how banged up he was throughout the entire season I felt like writing him an apology (Sorry Matt). Rumors are floating around that Matt is returning to the IHL. If those rumors prove to be true this is simply to retain his rights so we won’t have to go up against him. However, I usually don’t believe rumors and I can’t wait to see a healthy Chico wreak havoc in front of opposing goaltenders next season.

Jimmy Kilpatrick – I put Jimmy in the same boat as Van Guilder. He put up 65 points so we have to qualify him to keep him from ending up playing for one of our rivals.  He had a solid rookie campaign and he will surely get some looks from AHL camps.

Justin Johnson – JJ was a fan favorite for sure and he proved to be a better player than his numbers indicated; not only could he fight, but he would fight and he could play the game pretty well to boot. I really want to see JJ back and getting qualified is a good start, but if Chuck puts the kind of team, that I’m sure he wants, together JJ may end up fighting for playing time just as much as he spends fighting on the ice.



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