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Posted: 2009/07/14 by Mike in Offseason News
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The Cyclones announced the return of Barret Ehgoetz and the signing of Jason Woll.

I’m really happy to see Ehgoetz return. He is one of the hardest working players you’ll find and it won’t surprise me in the least if he is wearing the C again this year. As a forward, he is not only capable of scoring, but his play in the defensive zone is tenacious which is refreshing to see at this level of hockey. His experience as a prefessional will no doubt be invaluable to the new guys, like Jason Woll.

Woll’s play impressed me late last season. He had a “who is this guy” effect coming from the Milwaukee School of Engineering but any questions about his ability were answered pretty quickly. I think he’s a bit of a “diamond in the rough” but he plays a solid, chippy and physical game that is very entertaining. The thing that worries me about players like Jason is bad penalties, which he managed to avoid for the most part late last season. If the playoff series against Wheeling and Elmira were any indication, Jason is very good at at playing his game and goading the opposition into retaliating.

This is a good start and odds are we’ll see the other players that the Cyclones Qualified signed in the upcoming weeks.



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