Getting Caught Up

Posted: 2009/09/02 by Mike in Offseason News
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The Cyclones have added a lot of players since our last update and I’m told there are more to come in the up coming weeks. There could be some notable players in those upcoming announcements. In the meantime, here’s who the ‘Clones have signed since our last update; Brian O’Hanely, Adam Krug, Kirk Medernach, Hans Benson, Jimmy Kilpatrick, and, while there is no press release regarding them, in the release about Jimmy Kilpatrick it mentions Matt Pierce and Brett Robinson as being on the roster. That puts the Cyclones roster at 13.

Brian O’Hanley is the last of the 3 players that joined the Cyclones after Fresno folded last season to sign with the team.

Krug and Medernach both spent a short time with the team last season. Krug didn’t have a lot of time to show what he can do so it will be interesting to see how he adapts from the college game to the ECHL after getting a taste of it last season. Medernach is yet another player to join the squad from Mercyhurst College. Mercyhurst College has provided the ‘Clones with several solid players these last few years; hopefully Kirk is no exception.

Benson looks to be the guy that will fill the role of  “enforcer” now that Justin Johnson has been traded to Alaska. Benson can rack up the PIMs for sure and he has spent most of his time  in the AHL recently, but the question i have to ask is; can he actually play hockey? A pure fighter will certainly help put people in the seats, but in the event of injuries and call-ups, there isn’t much room on the bench for people that are liabilities on the ice. Only time will tell I guess.  It should be noted that Hans is the second cousin of Bengals’ running back Cederic Benson; that could prove to be an interesting story that the local media could hopefully pick up on.

I’m glad to see Kilpatrick return to the squad. He’s solid offensively and defensively. I just hope that he’s with the team long enough to have an impact; he’s one of those guys who will likey get called up sooner rather than later.

Matt Pierce and Brett Robinson are both joining the squad from  Mercyhurst College, apparently there are 4 on the team now. Both averaged more than a point per game in their final season with Mercyhurst. Pierce did play 3 game for the ‘Clones in 08-09 posting 2 assists and 6 PIMs.

I really like the way things seem to be shaping up. So far there is a good mix of returning players and new guys. Last season things got off to a slow start and it really wasn’t until the guy from Fresno arrived that things got going; with the mix I see coming together I’ll be very surprised if the ‘Clones are slow from the gate again. There are still some big names out there that haven’t signed, one being Felix Petit, who the Cyclones qualified but haven’t signed yet. If he has made the strides to step his game from Juniors to the ECHL, I am looking forward to seeing what he can do once he gets into the swing of things.  In general there are a lot of players out there looking for work at this level after an off-season which saw so many teams fold.



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