And Then There Were 15

Posted: 2009/09/03 by Mike in Offseason News
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Before I get to the 2 new guys, the Cyclones officially welcomed Matt Pierce and Brett Robinson to the Team today, even though the cat was out of the bag a few days ago for those that took the time to read the Jimmy Kilpatrick press release.

The Team also agreed to terms with Doug Krantz and Kenton Dulle. Krantz came over in the post season trade that sent fan favorite Justin Johnson home to Alaska.  Kantz’s numbers would indicate that he’s a defenseman that thinks about getting the puck out of the zone and up the ice. And, while he may not be the guy that puts up a ton of goals from the blueline, he seems to be the type of guy that sets a lot of goals up.

Kenton Dulle comes to the Cylcones via the WHL where he put up decent numbers. My biggest concern with Kenton will be his size. He’s listed at 5’11” and 170lbs. That may work in Juniors, but players that size can get pussed around a bit at the ECHL level. I’m not saying that’s what going to happen, after all Chad Starling held his own and he wasn’t exactly huge.  I’m looking forward to training camp to see how Dulle skates. If he skates well the size becomes much less of an issue.


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