As we roll into the 1st preseason game I wanted to catch up on a few things. First, here’s a list of all the guys that have rolled through camp thus far:


Sam Bloom

Jonathan Duchesneau

Kenton Dulle

Barret Ehgoetz

Kyle Hagel

Adam Krug

Bryan Leitch

Felix Petit

Matt Pierce

Scott Reynolds

Brett Robinson

Dustin Sproat

Mark Voakes

Travis Winter

Hans Benson

Mike McLean

Jimmy Kilpatrick


Michael Busto

Reid Cashman

Jamie Coghlan

Shawn Fensel

Jason Josza

Kirk Medernach

Brian O’Hanely

Brock Sheahan

Jason Woll

Dwayne Zinger

Doug Krantz

Kevin Roeder


Robert Mayer

It appears that Milwaukee has finally gotten around to sending us Jeremy Smith, but nothing official from the team yet.

Secondly, if you’re planning on heading down to USBA for tonight’s preseason tilt against the Toledo Walleye, here are the guys you definitely won’t see in action: Jonathan Duchesneau, Kenton Dulle, Adam Krug, Kirk Medernach, and Shawn Fensel. Duchesneau, Dulle Krug and Medernach were released and Fensel was suspended.

I had a chance to check out the public training camp sessions and was impressed with the size and speed of the squad. Chuck has some tough decisions to make regarding who will stay and who will go; just about any of the guys who may not make the team can play at this level and are guys we would have welcomed with open arms last January.

I’ll be updating later with my impressions of tonight’s game later tonight.



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