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Posted: 2009/10/10 by Dannie in Training Camp
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Sure, it was preseason. And sure, a few solid players (namely Jimmy Kilpatrick) were missing from the lineup, but one thing stuck out in my mind: boys, the net is 6′ x 4′. Not any larger. I haven’t looked for a box score, but for the amount of shots the scoreboard showed (in the 30-40 range if I remember correctly), I have a hard time believing many were on net. Every time a great opportunity arised, there was a whiff, a squeaker, or they just downright missed the net completely. Still came away with two goals, and had Mayer not bobbled a rebound early on, may have come out with a win. Toledo had a lot of energy, though, but that seemed to sizzle as the night went on.

Scott Reynolds did not disappoint in his return to the Cyclones. He and Ehgoetz seemed to pick up where they left off in 2008. There’s incredible chemistry between those two, especially on the PK. Reynolds looked like he’d never left — good to know a year in Europe didn’t soften him at all!

And while I’m updating with  my $0.02, check out the where are they now: https://cycwords.wordpress.com/where-are-they-now/. Now that all of the US pro leagues are in season or holding camps, we’ve been able to track down a lot more of them.

— Dannielle

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