Let There Be Hockey

Posted: 2009/10/15 by Mike in 2009-2010 Regular Season

The Regular Season Roster has officially been released. Other than the last minute reassignment of Michael Busto, by the Montreal Canadiens, to the Dayton Gems of IHL, there really aren’t any surprises. Even the loss of Busto isn’t that big of a surprise, from what I observed he was the weakest defenseman left in camp and with Coach Weber needing to make one more cut to pair the roster down to a more manageable 22 players, it just makes sense to ask Montreal to reassign him rather than cutting a higher caliber player.

So with no further delay here are your 2009-2010 Cincinnati Cyclones:

Forwards (10)

Barret Ehgoetz, Bryan Leitch, Scott Reynolds, Brett Robinson, Dustin Sproat, Matt Voakes, Mike McLean, Jimmy Kilpatrick, Hans Benson and Chris Mueller

Defense (10)

Brian O’Hanely, Matt Pierce, Brock Sheahan, Jason Jozsa, Reid Cashman, Doug Krantz, Kevin Roeder, Jon Landry, Dwayne Zinger and Jamie Coghlan

Goal (2)

Robert Mayer, Jeremy Smith

Dwayne Zinger and Jamie Coghlan will begin the season on Injured Reserve.

This has to be the most talented Cyclones squad to start the season since the teams return.  That being said, the entire League will be operating at a higher level as the trickle down takes effect (there are players in the AHL that were NHL regulars last season and therefore there are more AHL caliber players with jobs in the ECHL).

This years Squad should have no problem putting the puck in the net. Mike McLean was one of Dayton’s leading scorers last season and the Bombers were terrible last year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with some talent around him. Matt Voakes has shown an excellent pair of hands and a nose for the net. Brett Robinson could have a break out year as a rookie, I don’t think comparing him to the Jimmy Kilpatrick or Mark Van Guilder of last season would be a stretch. Sproat has shown an extra step speed wise. Scott Reynolds is capable of a point per game, in spite of his perceived role a primarily defensive forward. and then you have Barret Ehgoetz, well, he’ll just be Barret and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Defensively, I really like the balance that Chuck has assembled on the blue line. There is a good mix of physical “stay at home” guys  like Roeder and Zinger, and offensively minded guys like Krantz and Cashman.

Special teams should be solid as well. Once the guys get a feel for each other the PP should clip right along. On the PK, with Ehgoetz and the return of Sproat and Reynolds, as well as the defensive core that Chuck has to work with, I would venture that we’ll be near the top of the league.

The only real question mark is the goal tending. Neither Mayer or Smith lit it up during their preseason outings, but those were just that, preseason outings. Both Mayer and Smith have been in training camps since mid September and I’m sure are looking forward to playing in a game that actually means something. Both are well thought of prospects by their organizations and both performed better than some other goalies that have been through town (not to name names).  Time will tell.

Let’s play hockey!



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