Cyclones Drop Opener

Posted: 2009/10/17 by Mike in 2009-2010 Regular Season

The Boys lost 5-2 in their first tilt of the regular season. You can read Hammer’s recap here.

Unfortunately, due to the failure of the B2 network I was unable to watch the game and was left to listen to the game on 153o Homer the Sports Animal, which seemed to be battling its own technical difficulties. From Hammer’s call it sounded like the boys put forth enough effort to win but left some chances on the table; putting shots wide and trying to score through the elusive “6-hole” in the golaies chest. Elmira converted on odd man rushes and defensive breakdowns that failed to clear pucks from trouble areas in front of the net. Again, this is what I gathered from listening to the game, had I been able to watch, I might be typing up something completely different.

One area which I found disappointing, was the Power Play. Granted, the ‘Clones only had 3 opportunities and it’s early in the season, but with the fire power this team seems to have up front, it’s a little disappointing they couldn’t convert on one. I’m sure that will change once the boys develop some chemistry with each other. On the Special Teams upside, the Penalty Kill was a perfect 2 for 2.

At the individual level, I take my hat off to defenseman Kevin Roeder and I raise an eyebrow at Jon Landry. I don’t know how many minutes Roeder played, but he was the only player from the ‘Clones to finish the tilt on plus side of things (+1). Landry, on the flip side, finished -4 which is sub par for a player of his caliber in my opinion. Was he pressing, perhaps trying to do too much? Or maybe he just had a bad game, it happens. I’ll wait a few more games before forming an opinion.

When it’s all said and done it’s just 1 game and it’s still early. There are 71 games left and to be honest the month of October is brutal with 5 of 6 games on the road. If the ‘Clones go 3 and 3, I think that would have to be considered success. If those 3 wins can come in the division against Wheeling then all the better.



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