Midweek Update

Posted: 2009/10/28 by Mike in 2009-2010 Regular Season

The Cyclones made some roster moves today as they get ready to make the trip to Elmira. Barret Ehgoetz has been put on 3-day Injured Reserve, Dwayne Zinger has been moved to 7-day Injured Reserve, Jamie Coghlan is now on 21-day Injured Reserve and rookie Mark Voakes is also on 21-day Injured Reserve. The Cyclones also added a forward, signing Bryan Marshall.

Ehgoetz missed the second half of Saturday night’s game against Wheeling. At the Coach’s show, Coach Weber indicated that, pending the MRI results, it was a wait and see type injury and threw the 7 to 10 day time frame out there. Barret, who plays in all situations, will be really missed on the Penalty Kill. Last season, when the PK was terrible to begin with, the loss of Barret may have made converting PP chances practically automatic. This season, he’ll still be missed, but the return of Scott Reynolds makes it a little more tolerable. However, guys, like Chris Mueller and Mike McLean, will have to step up if the PK is going to keep rolling.

In a previous post I mentioned we might see Dwayne Zinger make his Cyclones’ debut this weekend but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer. Weber mentioned that Zinger had been skating on his own and was hoping to join practice this week.

If I have my information right Jamie Coghlan had some off-season surgery and while he is close to 100%, my guess is Coach Weber would rather wait until he’s healthy then risk a re-injury. One thing to keep in mind with Jamie is, while he has to remain in IR for a full 21 days, his time already spent on IR counts towards that total.

I’m not sure what is wrong with Mark Voakes, but his offense will be sorely missed.

Last season the ‘Clones were plagued by injuries late in the season. I realize that injuries in the the game hockey happen, but sometimes when a guy is a little banged up, it’s better to sit him down to heal than to keep playing him and risk something minor becoming more serious; and, to a certain extent, my guess is that’s what is happening here. There is no reason to bring back a guy like Zinger or Coghlan early when there is a full compliment of healthy guys.

The Cyclones came out of training camp with 10 forawrds, now with 2 of those forwards on IR, the team had to bring someone in to fill the void; enter Bryan Marshall. I can’t really tell you much about Marshall that you can’t read in the team press release, or get off his hockeydb page; other than that he played his college hockey in the CCHA. The CCHA can easily be considered one of the top 2 Conferences in college hockey (Hockey East being the other and which one is tops depends on who you ask) and regularly turns out top caliber players. This years Cyclones team already has 3 former CCHA players; Brock Sheahan (Notre Dame), Kevin Roeder (Miami University-Ohio) and Chris Mueller (Michigan State), and we’ve seen what these guys can do. The question will be if Bryan will still with the team long term.


  1. Primis says:

    Kalamazoo cut him during camp, so take that for what you will. Now, Kalamazoo also cut some pretty good players out of camp (or shortly after)…. so I’m not suggesting he’s not any good or anything, just reminding that he’s had to take the long way around to get on an ECHL roster after being an AHLer last season.

    By the way, I can appreciate the CCHA love but… I’d say CCHA and WCHA are the top two conferences. Hockey East is also good, but WCHA boasts powerhouses like Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, etc… that regularly pump out NHL draftees every year.

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