Looking Back at the Weekend.

Posted: 2009/11/09 by Mike in 2009-2010 Regular Season
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The Cylones went 1-2 in their first 3 in 3 of the season, putting them at 5-4 on the year. Personally I was hoping for 2-1 with a split with Toledo, but with the disappointing loss to Johnstown on Thursday, I wasn’t optimistic.

The ‘Clones started slow against Johnstown, but showed plenty of resiliency battling back to start the 3rd knotted at 3. That kind of resiliency is something I like seeing this early in the year; under Coach Weber the Cyclones have never gotten off to blazing starts, so seeing them battle back like they did should be a good sign of things to come.

Dannielle, covered Friday’s performance in a previous post, so I won’t spend much time on it other than saying if that effort in front of almost 11,000 fans doesn’t create some new fans, I don’t know what more the Team and Management can do…and yes the Throwback sweaters were sweet.

Saturday night saw the Boys make their first trip of the Toledo’s brand spanking new Lucas County Arena. I didn’t make the trip, but all reports are that the facility is first rate, but at the end of the day, it’s still in Toledo. I watched the game via the B2 and I must say, Toledo’s video production is first rate; almost like watching an NHL game on FSN or Versus.

On to the game. I was a bit surprised to see Coach Weber go with Jeremy Smith in net after Robert Mayer’s performance on Friday. Perhaps Coach was reluctant to go with the young Czech in back to back games, I’ll try to find out more tonight at the Coach’s show. Regardless, the script was similar to Thursday, either the ‘Clones came out slow, or Toledo came out on fire and stormed to a 2-0 lead. Again with some early season resiliency, the Cyclones battled back continually throughout the game to tie the score, but just couldn’t score the go ahead goal.

some quick notes:

– I love the early season resiliency, but it is a little disappointing not to force games like Thursday and Saturday into overtime to at least earn a point.

-It will be interesting to see how the Cyclones 2 young goalies develop and mature. My early report on Smith: he makes most of his saves on sound positioning but if his technique breaks down he hasn’t shown the pure athleticism to recover and make the acrobatic type save. He also seems to fight a lot of shots off but if he makes some saves early and has confidence he can win a game on his own. My early report on Mayer: He has great athleticism; what he lacks in positional play he makes up in quickness which is good since he gives up some juicy rebounds at times. I should also add that anytime either of them leave the net to play the puck it can be an adventure.

-If you missed Dustin Sproat’s break away goal Saturday night you missed a top shelf, water bottle popping back hand of beauty. It went into the books as an unassisted goal, but everyone that saw it knows he should have been awarded an assist to himself.

-Glad to see Barrett Ehgoetz back.

-The Cyclones bid adieu to Jon Landry in a trade with the Ontario Reign making Adam Henrich the newest Cyclone. Henrich has bounced around the ECHL and has plenty of AHL experience. He was in the lineup Thursday night and for a guy that had spent most of the previous 24hours on a plane, I was impressed with what I saw; listed at 6’4″ 225 he’s a big guy and played accordingly.

-Justin White was released.

New acquisition Brett Motherwell tallied his first goal of the season Saturday night. Motherwell has more AHL than ECHL games under his belt, and had been playing in Europe to start the season. The kid has put up some pretty good numbers from the blue line and his presence should jump start the powerplay.

-The ‘Clones PK finally broke giving up 3 goals to Toledo. We all knew it was going to happen sometime but allowing Toledo to go 3/5 on the PP after shutting them out the previous night had to have Coach Weber pulling his hair out. On the bright side, the Cyclones still lead the league killing off 36 of 39 short handed situations.


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