Henrich Suspended

Posted: 2009/12/08 by Mike in 2009-2010 Regular Season
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I’m sure most have heard the news that Adam Henrich has been suspended by the team. This was brought up at last night’s Coach’s Show and rather than speculating and/or starting rumors, here are the nuts and bolts of what   Chuck had to say on the situation;  after playing a game for Springfield Adam asked to be released from his AHL PTO and has returned home to deal with some personal issues. He was suspended so the Cyclones would retain is AA level rights. When pressed for more information on the topic Chuck said he believed Adam would play again this season but did not make any speculation as to where it would be; Cincinnati could remain as an option. Should Adam choose to return to action this season and Chuck feels he is no longer a good fit for the Cyclones, a player of Adam’s skill will be quite valuable on the trade market.

When Adam was acquired from Ontario for Jon Landry in early November, I thought Adam was a great addition to the lineup but didn’t expect him to stay in the line up for long. A player of his size and ability don’t stick around in the ECHL very long, especially when he plays on a team like the Cyclones, whose coach has an open door policy which encourages players to take call-up opportunities. Unfortunately, Adam’s stay in Cincinnati was hampered by injury and now this.

I hope Adam can get his issues dealt with and put behind him. He is a young, talented player that can still have a bright hockey future ahead of him. If he returns to the Cyclones, I’ll be glad to have have him. If not, I wish Adam the best in whatever the future the holds for him.


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