The Cyclones bounced back from a lackluster performance against the Wheeling Nailers to defeat the the Kalamaoo K-wings 3-1. The win puts the Boys on top of the Division by one point and into second place in the conference; the K-wings do have 2 games in hand.

-Jimmy Kilpatrick, Chris Morehouse and Ian Mckenzie all notched their first goals as Cyclones in the victory. I’m glad to see Killer put one up after what has thus far been a season hampered by injury. I always like seeing players like Morehouse score. Labeled as an agitator, or pugilist, he’s not going to score a lot, but he works hard and goes to the “dirty” areas of the ice so when he’s able to light the lamp it adds a bit of a swagger to his game, which already get’s under opponents skin. It appeared to me that after the goal the K-wings were thrown from the game a bit more by Chris and spent more time chasing him than trying to score at times. Ian’s goal was the type of goal I expect to see from him. He made a strong move from the corner and just drove the net. Ian is a big kid and when he plays big he’s down right dangerous at this level.

-Welcome back Robert Mayer. The only goal the K-wings could muster was a Power Play goal on a shot from the point. The rest of the game he did just what Coach Weber asks; stop all of the shots he’s supposed to and a few of the ones he’s not.

-Chris Morehouse was an assist shy of a Gordie Howe hat trick after being involved in one of the most energetic and entertaining fights I’ve seen in some time, and then going on to score the game winner.

-After several posts questioning Dwayne Zinger’s ability to play (his leadership, knowledge and mentoring capabilities were never under question), he has since gotten out of my dog house. While I still don’t think he’s a shut down type defenseman his play is justifies his spot in the the lineup. He has shown the ability to jump into the offensive play, although it still worries me that he’ll get caught behind the play should a turnover occur. His fight with Kalamazoo’s Jurynec was a good one. Jurynec stunned him early but Zinger rallied for the decision.

-The Cyclones have placed Kevin Roeder on 21 day IR where he joins Doug Krantz. I’m not sure what is wrong with Roeder but his presence is missed. At this point it looks like Krantz may be on the shelf for the season. It was said that he is waiting on some things to be sorted out before he can undergo surgery. It’s unfortunate, Doug was one of those kids I was looking forward to watching this season; he has a cannon of a shot which would come in handy on the Power Play right about now.

-The cupboards are starting to get bare. In the event of more injuries or or call-ups to anywhere the Cyclones will be left with a short bench. Dustin Sproat and Mike Mclean are currently on assignment with the Milwaukee Admirals, Ryan Del Monte has been on IR the past few weeks, and Mark Voakes returned to action for a game or two before returning to the IR list. Luckily Milwaukee has sent us Ian Mckenzie, but that leaves the Team with just 9 healthy forwards. Cyclone’s trainer Bob Case is a busy man these days, it’s no wonder he was selected as trainer for the 2010 ECHL All Star Game (sorry for leaving you off the last post Bob!)

-There doesn’t appear to be any help on the horizon from the Milwaukee side. It’s been reported that Mark Van Guilder has sustained a lower body injury and is questionable for this weekends games. Luckily the Admirals added Oren Eizenman so at least a call up shouldn’t be eminent. However, all the injuries mean the return of Sproat and/or Mclean is unlikely with out the call-up of Mckenzie, or having a few players regain some health. It looks like the All Star break is coming at a good time.

-The empty pantry has caused the Coach Weber to find some bodies which he did with the addition of Ryan Ford and Patrik Prokop. Ford, a 5’9″ 195lb forward, was signed out of Evansville of the AAHL. He played his Jr hockey in the OPJHL. Ryan has put up decent numbers, but take it for what’s it’s worth given the leagues he’s been playing in. Chuck has found diamonds in the rough before, perhaps he’s found another. Patrik Prokop was acquired in a trade with Utah with the Cyclones giving up the sometimes controversial “future considerations.” Prokop started the season with Bakersfield and has yet to log a point in 15 ECHL games. Patrik, a 6′ 187lb forward,  is a 1st year pro and played his Jr hockey in the QMJHL where he averaged less than a half point per game. Based on his numbers, I hope this was a cash deal. I can’t imagine giving up any of the unaffiliated players currently on the roster for this kid to complete the deal on the back end.

-It’s unfortunate the the AA Hockey market is so crowded, with three different leagues. Even with the addition of the 2 FNGs, the Cyclones still have just 11 healthy forwards an6 healthy defensemen. It’s too bad the ‘Clones aren’t able to re-acquire the likes of Jason Woll or Mark O’Leary who are both playing in the CHL and thus can’t be acquired unless released by their current squads.

-Not that anyone really cares, but where in the world is Carmen San Diego, I mean Michael Busto. The defenseman of questionable ability was acquired by Montreal in the off season as part of a trade. He was in training camp with the Cyclones and apparently did not impress the staff. He was then moved to the Dayton Gems of the IHL where he played in…no, more like skated around during 2 games.  He was then recalled (more like dismissed from the Gems) by Hamilton, where, if I have my information correct, he was put on IR and never saw the ice. I have know idea if he was actually injured. Now, Mr. Busto is calling Elmira his home as he has been assigned by Hamilton to the Jackals. Where will he end up next?



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