What a Difference a Day Makes

Posted: 2010/01/24 by Mike in 2009-2010 Regular Season
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Twenty-four hours after a lethargic looking Cyclones Squad took it on the chin from the Kalamazoo K-wings, the tables turned and the Boys took the K-wings down to the river and flogged them accordingly. The 6-1 victory saw both Jimmy Kilpatrick and Matt Pierce tally 2 goals apiece with Eghoetz and Sheahan adding the others. The win catapulted the Team back to the top spot in the North Division thanks to the 8-2 beat down the Elmira Jackals handed to the Toledo Walleye. A quick look at the schedule and standings shows the Cyclones leading the Walleye by 1 point and the K-wings by 2 points with the K-wings hosting the Walleye later on this afternoon. Let’s hope the K-wings have a little left in the tank and can beat the Walleye in regulation; a Kalamazoo regulation win keeps the Cyclones on top.

I said yesterday that when a Chuck Weber Cyclone’s team keeps their feet moving they can play with and beat anyone. That was the difference between Friday and Saturday nights. In my observation Kalamazoo played they same game they have played every time I’ve watched them. They are an aggressive team, applying pressure and attacking the game in transition. On Friday night the Boys didn’t keep their feet moving and it allowed the Kalamazoo pressure and attack to be incredibly effective. On Saturday night the Boys kept moving, beating the K-wings to and from open space; moving makes an aggressive team miss checks and ultimately forces them to chase the play rather than allowing their aggressiveness to dictate the play. The K-wings didn’t help themselves in offering the Cyclones 12 Power Play opportunities but that’s what happens to an aggressive team that finds themselves chasing the play; missed checks lead to hooks, holds, and other infractions.

– How different is the play of Ryan Nie when he has an early lead to work with than when he gives one up early? That’s exactly what happened between Friday and Saturday nights and it was like watching two different goalies.

– Jeremy Smith played a great game. It’s unfortunate that will all of the great saves he made that a fluttering wrist shot floated over his shoulder to foil his shut out bid.

–  Did anyone else notice how quick the Cyclones Defense looked last night? Oh yeah Dwayne Zinger was scratched.

– Chris Morehouse is everything Mitch Woods was supposed to be but wasn’t. He agitates, he goes to the dirty areas of the ice without fear, he sticks up for his teammates and he simply just works hard. Most importantly, he does it all without being a penalty magnet.

– Ian Mckenzie? I don’t recall hearing Ian being listed as a healthy scratch, but I could have missed it because I was applauding the move to scratch Dwayne Zinger. Ian is not listed on any of the transaction lists as of yet either. I sent a message to the guys that write the Admirals Short Shifts blog and they said that they believe McKenzie to be in Milwaukee but he has not been listed as a scratch for the Admirals either. Hmmmmm

– The Power Play looked much better scoring 3 goals on 12 chances. Jimmy Kilpatrick tallied 2 very nice PP markers and Barret Ehgoetz beat Nie, who was forced to move post to post, cleanly from the top of the circle through a partial screen. The puck movement and player rotations were much improved, especially on the 5 on 3.

– Cyclones fans got there first look at FNG Patrik Prokop. I have a rule when evaluation defensemen; defenseman get noticed for 2 primary reason: 1) scoring a goal (good) and 2) defensive failures that result in a goal (bad). Sure, d-men pitch in with assists, but they go largely unnoticed. And yes, d-men sometimes make spectacular plays to break up scoring chances, but isn’t that what they are supposed to do? If a d-man goes unnoticed during a game, then in my opinion, he played a good game. If he can go unnoticed in the defensive zone and add a goal like Sheahan did last night, or O’Hanely, Jozsa and yes, even Zinger, have in the past, then he had a great game. I’m not sure how many shifts Prokop had, I’m sure all the Power Play time cut into his ice time a bit, but he didn’t disappoint me. He didn’t make me jump out of my seat either, but for a rookie playing in just his 17th Professional game, he proved to be capable. Granted, he’s only played 2 games with the Cyclones, but so far I like what I see.

– The Cyclones sent the 6485 in attendance home happy with coupons for free Wendy’s Frostees and coupons for $5 off at City Barbeque. The victory was the 4th time the Cyclones have sent the fans home with BBQ, and it was the 2nd time it has been at the expense of the K-wings.

– The Boys take to the ice again on Monday when they take on a surging Johnstown Chiefs team.



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