Mathieu Aubin Returns

Posted: 2010/03/12 by Mike in 2009-2010 Regular Season
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After a week of score sheet watching and speculation it finally came to fruition, Mathieu Aubin will make his return to the Cyclones, fulfilling Bakersfield’s end of the trade involving Scott Marchesi and Mark Voakes. The trade was by far one of the strangest I’ve seen with Marchesi and Voakes being sent to the Condors on Tuesday, March 9th in return for “future considerations” at which point we all began to speculate that Aubin would be heading to Cincinnati. However, rather than hopping on a plane to Cincinnati, Aubin, instead remained on Bakersfield’s roster and even played in 2 games against Las Vegas. This move had me believing less in the likelihood of Aubin’s return and more in the theory that the trade was merely to make room for players returning from IR and AHL call-ups since the return of Krantz and Roeder is imminent and Clear Day Rosters were due out. There was also thought that the Condors did not send Aubin out promptly until Mark Voakes passed his physical. However, if this were the case I find it very odd that Bakersfield continued to play Mathieu. It is standard practice to “healthy scratch” a player who is going to be named in a trade deal while the deal is pending. What would have happened if Mathieu would have become injured? At this point I think it just came down to Bakersfield having 2 midweek games and wanting to have Aubin active and since the Cyclones weren’t playing it was agreed that Aubin could play but an injury would void the deal.

Regardless of the ins and outs of the deal, it’s complete and I think it’s a great move by Chuck. The Team has a lot of depth at defense so giving up Marchesi, a solid and serviceable defenseman, was easy to do. Voakes, while having loads of potential, unfortunately spent most of the Season on IR so dealing him is more like dealing something the Team never had.

Mathieu Aubin, who has bounced between the ECHL and AHL since turning pro, will be a good fit coming back to the Squad. He is familiar with Chuck’s systems and knows a few teammates (Barret Ehgoetz and Scott Reynolds) so he should be able to jump right in and contribute. He’ll also bring Championship knowledge and experience to the locker room.

Mathieu won’t be the fastest player on the ice when he makes his return to the Cyclones, but he will provide a much need presence in front of the net and along the walls. Several times over the course of the Season Coach Weber has commented on the Teams willingness to go to the front of the net or lack thereof as the case may be. Chris Morehouse can be seen in front of the net frequently, but all too often the Cyclone offense has consisted of cycling in the corners and quick shot attempts with little traffic in front. Mathieu’s size (6’3″ 204lbs) will make him a solid net presence for the Squad. While Mathieu doesn’t have breakaway speed, he does have a quick first step that makes him dangerous coming out of the corners. He also has very good puck skills in tight areas, which will add a net front finishing ability the Team has lacked this Season.

All in all, it was a great move by Chuck. The Team was able to fill a need and gave up very little in the process. With two rookie netminders, goaltending will remain a question as we head into the playoffs, but the roster looks solid and capable of putting a deep playoff run together.


  1. Dannielle says:

    :D!!!!!! That’s all I can say.

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