Lacroix Returned

Posted: 2010/03/13 by Dannie in 2009-2010 Regular Season
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With the reassignment of Ben Maxwell to Hamilton, the Bulldogs have reassigned Maxime Lacroix back to the Cyclones. It seems likely he’ll be in uniform tonight with the ‘Clones, as the move was made early yesterday.

UPDATED: Where Are They Now?

— Dannielle

  1. KJR says:

    The Columbus Bluejacket are shopping for a permanent minor league affiliate, they just signed a 1 year deal with Springfield but are looking somewhere else there after. The CBJ has mentioned taking over the AHL Cleveland Monsters or even ECHL Toledo (knocking them to the AHL). The CBJ wants a local top level AHL team, so why not ECHL Cincinnati! A lot depends on it, like the terms the Cyclones have with the NHL and AHL teams they are currently affiliated with. What do you think? Let’s get the word out, get the Cyclones in the AHL with the CBJ, Email the teams and local news papers encouraging them to ponder the ideal. It would be great for Cincinnati and all the hockey fans in southwest Ohio.

  2. Mike says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cyclones move to the AHL at some point, but I’m not sure I would want to see an affiliation with Columbus. Cincinnati has a winning program right now. Coach Weber, who is also in charge of hockey operations (essentially the GM) does a great job of bringing in top level talent to balance what he may or may not receive from the affiliates. A move to the AHL makes a team more reliant on the parent club to be successful and the Blue Jackets have not offered much in the way of minor league depth to Syracuse the past few seasons. That could change next season due to the sheer number of draft picks the Jacket’s have this summer. The geography certainly makes sense.

    There is also the question of economics, which I can’t really speak to but I can offer this; the Cyclones have done well to market themselves as an affordable, fun form or family entertainment which has been quite successful growing the attendance. However, a move to the AHL would increase the ticket prices and greatly limit that marketing strategy. I’m not sure the Cincinnati has enough core hockey fans to support a team at $18 to $20 per ticket. If the Team could afford to pay affiliation fees with a $15 ticket, I think it would be possible.

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