First Annual Cycwords Year-End Awards. Vote now!

Posted: 2010/06/05 by Dannie in 2009-2010 Kelly Cup Playoffs, 2009-2010 Regular Season

Now that the 2009-10 season has been nicely wrapped in shiny black and silver packaging, we at Cycwords thought it would be nice to have the fans & readers vote on individual awards for various categories across the board. Please keep in mind, this encompasses the entire season, October through May, not just the playoffs. We’ll leave the poll up for a week or until the votes stop coming, then we’ll tally it all up and compare readers’ votes to our own choices!

Please click each link below to vote for each category:

Most Valuable Player

Most Memorable Moment

Most Valuable Player

Best Forward

Best Defenseman

Best New Guy

Best Rookie

Most Improved

Unsung Hero

Biggest Disappointment


P.S., Happy two year anniversary of our first Kelly Cup. :)

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mike , Dannielle. Dannielle said: Finally! #Cyclones year-end awards are up for voting over at Cycwords: […]

  2. Twister says:

    I wouln’t let me vote on more than one category, said I already voted :(

    • Dannielle says:

      I’m not sure why. Did you try closing out and trying it again? :( It seems like it’s working for some people, but not all.

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