2010 Cycwords Awards!

Posted: 2010/06/24 by Dannie in 2009-2010 Kelly Cup Playoffs, 2009-2010 Regular Season, Offseason News
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You voted… we counted… and here are the winners of each category in the First Annual Cycwords Awards! :) To all who voted, tweeted, and pushed the votes for us, thank you! We had votes coming in from all over the US!

Most Valuable Player
Fan Vote: Jeremy Smith/Robert Mayer, 50% (61 of 122)

Most Memorable Moment
Fan Vote: Game 7 vs. Reading, 64% (58 of 90)

Best Forward
Fan Vote: Dustin Sproat, 40% (28 of 70)

Best Defenseman
Fan Vote:
Brian O’Hanley, 36% (25 of 70)

Most Improved
Fan Vote:
Brian O’Hanley, 43% (26 of 61)

Best New Guy
Fan Vote:
Maxime Lacroix, 43% (28 of 65)

Best Rookie
Fan Vote:
Jeremy Smith & Robert Mayer, 63% (39 of 62)

Unsung Hero
Fan Vote:
Chris Morehouse, 25% (17 of 69)
(nearly a four way tie between Morehouse, Del Monte, Benson, & Josza)

Biggest Disappointment
Fan Vote:
Dwayne Zinger, 43% (30 of 70)

Opinions? Disagree with the majority? Let us know! We want to hear it!


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