A Christmas Wish List

Posted: 2010/12/24 by Mike in Uncategorized

It’s the Holiday Season and since the Cyclones are on a bit of a break this week we thought we’d entertain you with our serious but not so serious CycWords Christmas wish list. So spike your egg nog (adults only please) and enjoy.

1)A semi-functional power play – We were going to as for a fully functional power play but with the current power play converting at a blistering 12.4% we decided not to be greedy. Baby steps right? At least the Cyclones’ power play unit has something on Toledo which converts at an astounding 11.5%

2)A consistent penalty kill – The PK started with great consistency giving up goals with regularity but that’s not exactly what we have in mind. When the Boys went on Their win streak things started to turn around but as of now the PK has slide a bit, especially late in games. If the Team is going to make a real run they’re going to have to kill penalties at better than a 75% clip.

3)The mill to reopen in Johnstown – Economic downturn leads to hard times and a poor turnout at the gate forcing the owner to move the team to a southern local where retirees from the North are itching for hockey, it has all the makings of a movie…oh wait. Seriously, there needs to be hockey at the Cambria War Memorial, it’s one of the great venues in minor league hockey.

4)The reassignment of James DeLory – Check….As much as we enjoy watching him fumbling through his 1.5 shifts per period, we can only hope the call up lasts or he gets sent to the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs of the CHL.

5)Chris Mueller – He was originally signed by Chuck Weber to the Cyclones but played so well in Milwaukee’s training camp that he played just 5 games with Cincinnati before earning an AHL deal. Mueller has been a solid AHL player and would be a great addition to the Cyclones lineup. It won’t happen but we can wish can’t we?

6)A speedy recovery for Brett Robinson – Robo is most likely lost for the season but perhaps our wish will give him supernatural healing powers. Brett wasn’t tearing up the score sheet this season but on a squad that has issues with goal scoring his potential will be sorely missed. Get well soon Brett.

7)A better Kelly Cup Playoff qualification system – We commented on this last summer when it was announced, but to us it seems a bit unbalanced that the Western Conference qualifies all but one team and the regular season Conference Champion gets a first round bye while 3 teams get sent packing in the East and no bye is offered. Perhaps a best of 3 play off between the 8th and 9th place Eastern Conference teams would help to balance the scales.

8)A Kelly Cup Playoff birth – We were going to ask for another Kelly Cup but that seems a bit greedy. The Division Title is within reach and that would be nice and it would guarantee a playoff spot, I’ll be happy to see the boys just make it. Last year’s Squad proved that’s all you need if the right kind of hockey is being played.

9)Antibiotics – The Cyclones still have to make 3 trips to Wheeling this season. Nothing clears up the “Wheeling Feeling” like a regimin of broad spectrum antibiotics.


There you have it, our CycWords holiday wish list. We hope you enjoyed and had a laugh. We’ll be back next week but until then, merry Christmas to you and yours. Go Cyclones!





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