Tragically Unhip

Posted: 2011/03/08 by Mike in Uncategorized

The Cyclones didn’t do themselves any favors this weekend and after closing out the month of February strong, the Boys find themselves sitting back at .500 for the year and on the outside looking in on the playoffs once again. To make matters worse, Toledo has a game in hand on the Cyclones, so despite trailing the Cyclones by a point, Toledo’s maximum possible point total is 1 point higher than the ‘Clones.

If you missed out on the weekends games you didn’t really miss much. On Friday night the Cyclones dropped the decision in the season finale against the Wheeling Nailers. The game was lackluster for the most part, that is until the dust up that involved Carl Hudson having a go with Nailer’s net minder Peter Delmas. The Cyclones scored late to make a game of it but couldn’t get the equalizer. On Saturday, the ‘Clones defensive woes were highlighted throughout the evening. The Fish took an early 2 goal lead and despite being able to battle back to tie the game moving into the 3rd, the Cyclones’ defense was allowing Toledo’s forwards too much time and pace in dangerous scoring areas. The Fish took the lead back early in the 3rd and never looked back. The porous defense was rivaled by a lackluster offense that only mustered 1 shot on goal during a 3rd period 5 on 3 power play. The only positive not from the game was the dominance the Cyclones had during the 2nd period. The ‘Clones controlled the puck and play for the majority of the period. Unfortunately they came away with little to show for it. Sunday’s trip to Kalamazoo started the same way with the Cyclones giving up the 1st goal but managing to battle back. The wheels came off the bus again in the 3rd period and the Wings took the match going away.

As the Cyclones head south for a 7 game road trip that may not make the season, but could certainly break it, let’s take a look at the standings and where things stand.

The magic numbers (points needed to reach 87, 1 point more than Toledo, yes, Toledo can potentially earn.) for those above the bar are the following:

Reading – 10

Greenville – 10

Kalamazoo – 17

South Carolina – 17

Florida – 21

Wheeling – 22

Gwinnett – 24

Elmira – 26

The tragic numbers (points away from being eliminated) are:

Trenton – 12

Cincinnati – 25

Toledo – 26


The Cyclones really need 10 points out of this trip to really have a chance to make a run in the last 6 games. A record like 4-3 would be workable as long as the Boys beat Gwinnett in regulation. Even a 5-2 record on the trip could close the door if one of the loses is against Gwinnett.


If you feel like scoreboard watching, here are the games that have impact on the Cyclones destiny:

3/8 – Elmira @ South Carolina

3/9 – Toledo @ Kalamazoo

3/11 – Gwinnett @ Elmira (Can’t let this one go to OT), Toledo @ Trenton, Kalamazoo @ Wheeling

3/12 – Gwinnett @ Elmira, Wheeling @ Kalamazoo, Toledo @ Reading

3/13 – Wheeling @ Kalamazoo, Toledo @ Reading, Elmira @ Trenton


We’ll be back with more as soon a we digest the AHL Clear Day Rosters and some the the other recent signings by the Cyclones.




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