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We had all sorts of notes saved for an update. We were going to wax on about how great the Ben Simon era has started and the like, but yesterday the Cyclones dropped a bomb on the fan base; Mathieu Aubin and Michael Pelech had been shipped off to Utah in return for the dreaded future considerations. It’s a move that set the fan base reeling. A quick look at the comments section of the press release on the Team’s Facebook page illustrates how much these guys were liked by the fans. The contributions of the two will certainly be remembered and appreciated, especially Aubin and his roll in winning two Kelly Cups, and we wish them the best, but this is the ECHL and there’s no room for complacency.

While we appreciate what Aubin and Pelech have brought to the team over the years as much as the next fan, if we cut the heart strings and look at the deal rationally, it makes sense. For starters, counting the Aubin and Pelech, the roster stood at 26 players (8 defensemen, 14 forwards and 2 goalies), well above the ECHL limit which currently sits at 23 including the reserve spots (teams can still have an unlimited number of players on 21 day IR). Cyclones PR man Nick Brunker confirmed via Twiter that Tony Turgeon will be placed on 21 day IR. That lowers the roster to 25, still 2 over the cap so 2 players have to go somewhere. Who do you move? It’s a short list when you factor in the number of affiliated players currently with the Team; of those 26 players 15 are connected to one of the parent clubs. Those guys aren’t going to be moved. That leaves 11 players; 5 defensemen and 6 forwards). As we stated in our last post, we advocate hanging onto defenseman; they take a beating and have way to much value when the trade dealine rolls around to deal in an early season move.

That leaves the forwards. In our preseason post ventured that Eves, Aubin and Pelech were safe to make the team, which they all did (sort of). However, that assumption was made without ever having seen the Team skate or play a game. It there’s one word to sum up our observations of this year’s Team it’s skating. This team skates as well of better than any in recent memory, they can flat out fly around the ice. Honestly, we don’t think Aubin or Pelech could keep up with these guys. The knock on Aubin has always been his skating. He has a quick first step which helps him get to the front of the net, but even at the ECHL level he lacks the top end speed to create separation through the neutral zone. Pelech has great hands but is a lumbering skater and a defensive liability. His decision making always seemed to be a half step behind. And keep in mind, Pelech was a player that struggled in Toledo before findingĀ  a home in Cincinnati.

So there’s our two cents. What do you think? Who would you have let go in order to keep the two of them in Cincinnati?