Who are we?

So you’re thinking, WTF is this? (Or maybe you’re not.) A Cincinnati Cyclones blog? Who are these people, and why should I care what they have to say. You really shouldn’t, but we like to talk. About hockey. And statistics. There’s two of us around here:

Mike & Dannielle after the Cyclones won the 2010 cup!

– Dannielle, a Cyclones fan since 2000, who’s done this blog thing before (Section 136/138 on Blogspot) but usually fails miserably at keeping up with it (hey, to my credit, I kept up until I moved out of town). Third time’s a charm! I like to do that corny blog-from-the-road thing, I’m a big fan of the plus/minus and other obscure stats, I used to keep a running log of “Hamelisms”, and I really, really, really like to make graphs out of statistics in Excel. In short, I’m the resident stat geek who has a huge softspot for French-Canadians and well, Montreal prospects in general (and I’m not even a Canadiens fan). Typically I sit in the west end of the rink somewhere, and I’m usually sporting the Aubin Stingers night jersey. Except lately it’s bad luck, but that’s irrelevent.

– Mike, more affectionately (and infamously) known as Elvis…

I took  in my first hockey game in 1987; an international tilt between the U.S.  and the Soviet Union. I don’t remember who won, just that I was hooked on the game.  I’ve been following the Cyclones since their inaugural season.  I’m also a fan of the plus/minus and I guess that’s how this whole blog thing started.  I’m critical of laziness on the ice regardless of talent and appreciate the hard working players the most; if they have some skill to go along with it, even better.  I’m sure Dannielle will beat me to the punch on most of the news so my job is going to give my best, educated guess as to what that news may mean for the team. We’ll see how often i’m right…….